Mary Beth is a school office manager and Rick is the director of a university counseling center and professor of psychology.

We wanted a church that would match our religious beliefs and values along with being a good place for our two young daughters to grow up with a firm religious foundation. When we first started attending CUCC we were warmly greeted by other adults our age who also had children. That group was the Voyagers. We were warmly welcomed by the pastoral staff that filled a spiritual need of wonderful worship services including inspiring sermons.

When we were asked what keeps us here at CUCC the first thing that came to our minds was the friends we have made through the Voyagers and the other interpersonal connections we have made here. CUCC’s denominational history and values of social activism and equality for all (e.g., gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation) play a very big part in why we regard this church as so important to us. We look forward to going to church on Sunday mornings to participate in worship and to see what within the service and the sermons will inspire us. Giving back to our church by our leadership roles and responsibilities helps us grow and stay connected to our church.

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