Tim and Dan have been together for 28 years and were married during the window of time before the passing of Proposition 8. Tim is a school teacher and Dan is a HR Director for a human services company that supports people with developmental disabilities. Tim and Dan have three children who are active in the church. Tim’s parents, Duane and Carol, have also joined and become active in the church, making this a 3-generation family in the church.

We consciously chose to move to Claremont, because of its commitment to education and progressive values. We felt that it was important to find a church in the community where we live; a church that would give our family a strong faith foundation and also value and support our unique family make-up.

We were especially drawn to CUCC because of the awesome programming for kids. Our children attend church school, youth group, sing in the choir and play in the bell choir. Our children are loved, nurtured and taught by the great staff at this church. While the kids are engaged in Sunday school, we are challenged each week by Pastor Rob’s great sermons which keep us grounded and focused. Through the Mission and Social Action focus of our church we are challenged to put our beliefs into action, actively helping and giving a voice to those who have been marginalized by society. We love and support this church because it has a message to share with ALL people; a message of radical inclusion.

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