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In the Beginning…GOD CREATED! A week of Creation Story Themed VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL!

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Each day begins with music and singing, followed by biblical storytelling from our dynamic Pastors, Jen and Jacob. In age based groups, they will rotate through 4 centers: Music, Creation (Arts), Re-creation (Physical Activity), and Mission Projects, with a midway theme based fun snack in between. At day end, they engage in a reflection, creating a mural of the creation story by the end of the week.

Monday: Heaven and Earth, Light and Darkness

Tuesday: Land, Water, and Vegetation

Wednesday: Stars and Sky

Thursday: Living Creatures: Land, sea, and humans

Friday: Sabbath, Rest, Blessing


From arts and crafts, gardening, mural making, to yoga, water play, and lively music, this is a fun-filled, energetic week learning about God’s Creation from the Book of Genesis.



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