It is our church's honor to partner with so many incredible Mission Partners, both near and far! Please scroll through the page below to learn more about the different organizations that we support at CUCC.



All Our Children International works with orphaned and disadvantaged children in two regions of Ethiopia. Sponsorship programs, orphanage support, caregiver training programs, tutoring services as well as social service support are all involved in our efforts to create permanent change in the lives of these children.

A woman and child kneel and look at the camera amidst a growing garden
A young girl smiles at the camera, standing in front of a newly built house



Church World Service is a faith-based organization transforming communities around the globe through just and sustainable responses to hunger, poverty, displacement and disaster. When you give a CWS Best Gift, you give fresh food sources to those who are hungry. You provide clean water to those who are thirsty. And you offer welcome to those who are sidelined as strangers.

Two kids and a parent look at the camera and hold up their bags of school supplies from CLASP
School supplies and a bag with "CLASP" on it
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CLASP provides homework assistance, recreation, healthy snacks, enrichment activities, and transportation to academically at-risk students in the Claremont Unified School District. Volunteers work with students at five neighborhood centers. With the move to online learning, CLASP Connect was created to help students who struggle with learning online. Volunteer tutors meet with children one-on-one to help them with their assignments, giving academic and social support to students who need it most.

Three immigrant children, sitting on a couch and holding dolls, smiling and laughing.



Claremont Canopy serves as an ally and advocate to newly-arrived refugees, empowering them to thrive in their new community.

A group of young children sit on the floor and watch their music instructor
An instructor and student hold guitars and smile at the camera
Five people, seated, all holding cellos and bows



Claremont Community School of Music (CCSM) provides under-served students the opportunity to have private and group music lessons through need-based scholarship awards.

Developing language skills, memory, creativity, building confidence and self-esteem, and a sense of belonging, are just some of the essential skills that mastering a musical instrument provides. The disciplined study habits of consistent practice, patience, care for an instrument, and concentrated effort through these music lessons also develops a sense of responsibility and respect.

To see the smiles, real joy, and exuberance in a child’s face when they master a piece of music, reveals the value bringing music education to those unable to afford it.

Claremont Community School of Music’s mission is to promote and nurture a lifelong passion for music and help make music education available to all…one note at a time.  Music education brings multicultural individuals together with music as the common language, bridging language and social gaps.  The CCSM scholarship fund helps families that meet need-based income requirements. This includes families that are here on work visas, immigrants, or even graduate programs where personal income is limited.  CCSM also assists scholarship students through a loaned instrument or borrowed electronic supplies.  Both parents and students are very grateful for the scholarship award in how it enriches their lives.

A group of Crossroads' staff and clients, smiling at the camera
crossroads house



For more than forty years Crossroads, Inc. of Claremont has welcomed home women transitioning from prison. This year, Crossroads was able to purchase a third home for their support.  We need to outfit this new home and hope you can help us!

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CUCC'S Early Childhood Center provides quality education and nurturing in a loving, safe, and stimulating environment which allows young children a variety of experiences. The Center is a mission of our church and as such, offers subsidized tuition for families who are otherwise unable to attend.
A large group of FAP staff members, gathered together and smiling at the camera, celebrating their 30th anniversary!



Foothill AIDS Project delivers vital support services to over 3,600 persons living with and at risk for HIV/AIDS in our area. Over 95% of FAP clients live in poverty; 30% are women. FAP assists each client and their families according to need with medical case management, housing, food, transportation, nutrition, mental health, and substance use disorder counseling.

Foothill AIDS Project (FAP) was founded in 1987 in Pomona to address the needs of people affected by HIV/AIDS. Friends helped their neighbors and loved ones who were unable to work get basic necessities such as groceries, transportation, and pay rent and utility bills. Today, FAP continually keeps pace with the evolving needs of People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWH) and provides direct services to over 1,300 PLWH annually and outreach to an additional 2,400 individuals from at risk population.

Our three-county service area spans more than 20,000 square miles through varied Southern California urban, suburban and rural desert communities. Throughout much of this area, FAP is the only service option for poor and underserved communities impacted by HIV/AIDS.

FAP’s HIV/AIDS services include medical and non-medical case management, integrated mental health and substance use disorder outpatient treatment, one-on-one counseling and support groups, housing assistance, early intervention services, food, nutrition, and transportation assistance. All services are offered in both English and Spanish.

Every donation we receive supports the vital programs and services our community needs. By making a gift, you are supporting our commitment to end HIV transmission, fight back against stigma, and provide equitable access to healthcare.

Volunteers clearing debris from an earthquake
Canned food being distributed to families in need
Volunteers clearing rubble from an earthquake



On Tuesday, August 4, 2020, a massive explosion at the port in Beirut, Lebanon sent shockwaves across the city, shattering windows as far as 15 miles from the blast site. This disaster is devastating in a country that continues to experience the Coronavirus pandemic, a severe economic and financial crisis, distrust in government, and is attempting to provide for a refugee population from the decade-long war in Syria next door. Those in Claremont United Church of Christ who want to reach out to the people of Beirut are fortunate to have churches and educational institutions in Beirut that have been our partners for many, many years. We also have two mission-co-workers assigned there now who have even made us a video! We have deep roots in this city and country, as you will see. If you have any questions about Global Ministries, please reach out to [email protected].




In the midst of a global pandemic and a nationwide outcry for racial justice, survivors of domestic violence and their families need access to crisis safety services more than ever. Although some crime rates have dipped during the pandemic, domestic violence, murder, and aggravated assault rates have been rising. The “Safe at Home” order assumes that home is a safe place. However, for those in abusive relationships, being at home can mean being confined with their abuser. Abusers use violence to gain power and control over their partner, when they experience a loss of control in other aspects of their life, through financial insecurity, uncertainty of the future, or interruptions in day-to-day activities, it is common for them to assert their power by controlling their partner through abuse. Consistent with this, House of Ruth hotline call volume rose 80% during the first months of COVID-19, and the need for safe and stable housing continues to increase for persons experiencing domestic violence. 

CLICK HERE to read about House of Ruth’s history.

CLICK HERE to read about House or Ruth’s services.

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Inland Valley Hope Partners (Beta Center/Our House) serves low income and homeless families and individuals in Claremont and twelve surrounding communities by offering emergency food, shelter, education, housing, job search assistance and other supportive services.




Justice for Immigrants Seeking Asylum (JISA) is a Claremont-based network that advocates for justice for asylum seekers detained at the Adelanto detention center and other detention facilities in the San Gabriel Valley.  Our core belief is that every person deserves equal opportunity to live a meaningful and fulfilling life.  The pandemic has meant we are unable to visit the center and so has forced a change in our activity as we learn to develop new ways to assist seekers  find housing and transportation to shelters or the homes of sponsors or families across the United States and sometimes around the world.  

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Located in St. Petersburg, Russia, Peter's Work is a non-denominational Christian educational ministry. The ministry provides year-round support to state-run orphanages where children are very needy, facilitating summer camps, mission trips, hospital visits, church services, and an English club co-sponsored with other Russian partners.




Pilgrim Pines is an outreach of the United Church of Christ, owned by the churches of our region--Southern California Nevada Conference. For 75 years our local UCC churches have practiced local mission through camping at Pilgrim Pines. Summer Camp is a labor of love providing children and adults of our member churches with an opportunity to celebrate God's love with all God's children. A special invitation is extended to children and youth registered through county children's services and to adults who have developmental disabilities. Summer Camp at Pilgrim Pines is a place of extravagant welcome. A place where both campers and adult volunteers practice loving God by caring for all of God's creation. CLICK HERE for more information about Pilgrim Pines.

Pilgrims Place spring sustainability 2018
Protest Indian Hil #2
Pilgrim Place Memory House June 2018



Pilgrim Place is a vibrant and inclusive retirement community committed to justice, peace and care of the earth. Pilgrim Place is an intentional, caring, multi-level community striving to be socially responsible and environmentally sustainable. Residents are active in the life of Pilgrim Place and the wider community in civic, educational, and church activities. They demonstrate that elders can be a rich social resource.

An early 1900s home sits in its new and permanent location for Pomona Valley Habitat for Humanity, at the corner of North 6th Avenue and East Washington Boulevard, in Upland on Thursday, Sep. 5, 2019. The home will be rehabilitated for a family of six. (Photo by Jennifer Cappuccio Maher, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin/SCNG)



Pomona Valley Habitat for Humanity is a local affiliate who has built 48 homes locally in partnership with Claremont United Church of Christ.




Project Sister Family Services is a non-profit rape crisis agency dedicated to reducing the trauma and risk of sexual assault and child abuse. We have 24-hour hotlines to assist with crisis intervention and accompaniment services to forensic medical exams, police reportings, court proceedings, and Title IX meetings. We offer counseling to adult survivors of sexual violence, and to child victims of any type of child abuse, school based bullying, and witnesses to crimes. We also offer free community education and violence prevention workshops. All services are completely free of charge. CLICK HERE for more information about Pilgrim Pines.

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UrbanMission Community Partners (UMCP) works and walks with families and individuals in and beyond Pomona, California, who are at risk from poverty, hunger, homelessness, incarceration, and/or inadequate education and health care. In collaboration with dozens of partners, UMCP carries out urban farming, community wellness, and restorative justice initiatives. Since COVID-19 began last spring, its Market Box program has directly delivered 37,540 pounds of fresh chemical-free produce (from our farm and others), canned and dry foods, and toiletries to feed more than 6,000 people, particularly children and elderly family members. UMCP also continues its hands-on Restorative Justice work with several dozen people who are currently incarcerated in state prison, and we coordinate reentry navigation annually for 300+ parolees returning to their communities after incarceration. Our InsideOut Art program exhibits/sells art by incarcerated artists, and it facilitates sacred conversations about incarceration. CLICK HERE for more information about Urban Mission. 




Wine To Water distributes ceramic water in many parts of the world including East Africa, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. These filters:  ● Save hundreds of lives (particularly infants from dysentery)  ● Last 5+ years ● Present a cost-effective alternative to bottled water or boiling water (which typically uses limited resources like firewood, charcoal or propane) ● Are simple to use and do not require electricity or running water ● Provide access to clean, safe water